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This is a popular boating company in Pondicherry that offers a range of boat rides such as sunrise and sunset boat rides, couples special ride, friends group ride, and birthday party ride. They also offer adventurous activities like sun rise, birding, fishing, and sunset...

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The Biggest Art Contest

Our power of choice is untrammelled when you and family nothing some prevents our being able to we like best when our all power of choice is yours untrammelled and when nothing prevents.

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Terms & Conditions

Guidelines for the competition:

I. Who can participate

a) All can apply from the age of 9 to 14 only.

II. About the poster

a) The artwork should be original.

b) The poster should be clearly visible.

III. Registration

a) Participants can register by filling in their details on the website www.neelakkadal.com.

b) After registration each registered participant will be directly deployed in a WhatsApp group.

c) The last date to submit your entry is 24th January 2024.

d) Declaration of results 26th January 2024.

IV. Judging

a) Judging will be done by a panel of experts. The judge’s decision will be final and binding for all participants.

b) The poster will be judged based on the following parameters. Creativity, flow of thoughts, connectivity between pictures and drawing to be meaning.

V. Awarding

a) The best top ten posters will be awarded.

b) Every participant will be issued an E-participation certificate.

c) The winners of this contest will be announced on our official website.

VI. Painting Requirements

a) Posters making direct or indirect references to any political party or religion are not allowed.

b) CEO Neelakkadal has the rights to cancel the participant at any time in case of mislead.

c) Only one submission per participant is allowed. d) The painting requirements are to be procured by the participant itself.

e) The drawing should be drawn in a chart. f) The participant video should be clearly visible to the host with a face including the drawing.

g) The duration of the competition is 2 hours.

h) On the participant chart should be displayed in the information

VII. Payment

a) Entry Fee 199rs.

b)Once you have paid registration, you are not allowed to cancel the registration or refund.

c)All refunds will be given if the competition is cancelled or postponed






i) Participant those who doesn’t have phones they can join with other participant Who is having in phones but seating to be separate each other.

VII. Drawing Submission

a) After completion of the drawing, the participant should take a snap of the drawing & share it in your competition whatsapp group.

Place of competition : At Participants home itself

NOTE : All participants can do the drawings at their home itself with online continues Video coverage which is monitoring by the judge team.

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