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This is a popular boating company in Pondicherry that offers a range of boat rides such as sunrise and sunset boat rides, couples special ride, friends group ride, and birthday party ride. They also offer adventurous activities like sun rise, birding, fishing, and sunset...

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Boat Ride

Create unforgettable memories with BoatRide. Start your boat ride adventure today.
Discover unique ecosystems

Mangrove Kayaking

Get up close and personal with a variety of wildlife species that call the mangroves their home.
Share your fishing adventures

Net Fishing

Share your fishing stories, exchange tips, and make new friends who share your passion for fishing.
Experience the beauty of sunrise


Our team carefully curates each boat experience to provide you with the best sunrise boating adventures.
Experience the Magic of Moonrise


Immerse yourself in the beauty of moonlit waters. Discover unique boating experiences under the moonrise with MoonRide.
Discover the beauty of sunset


We helps you find and book the perfect sunset boating experience. Witness the beauty of nature as you cruise along the water at sunset.
Top landmarks & amazing

Hiking Into The Mangroves

Immerse yourself in the wonders of mangroves through our guided hiking adventures.
Create unforgettable memories

Birthday Celebrations

Right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has annoying consequences.

Special Services

We are aim to offer 100% satisfaction services
Our boat rides are led by expert guides who ensure your safety and provide valuable insights about the waterways. Relax and enjoy the ride while we take care of everything. Simply browse through our listings, choose your preferred boat ride, and book it in just a few clicks.
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Explore new destinations and discover hidden gems with Neelakkadal

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you can ensure seamless coordination between the tour crew and travelers.

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to explore stunning destinations that are only accessible by boat.

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